Business WashCard Explained

How it works
How to register


Business WashCards can be used on:

  • All self-serve wash bays;
  • Our touch-free automatic wash bay;
  • The vacuums situated at the rear of the site behind our self-serve wash bays;

Business WashCard is an electronic, card based, authorisation system to assist fleet managers control and administer the washing of all fleet vehicles.

  • It is a totally cashless procedure:
    • Vehicle operators aren’t fumbling around for exact change;
    • They don’t have to worry about collecting and turning in receipts;
    • It’s quick and hassle free.
  • Card holders can operate the car wash equipment:
    • 24 hours 7 days a week, but
    • You can limit individual card usage to any time slot(s) you like.

Save time by eliminating:

  • Petty cash vouchers;
  • Staff expenditure reimbursements; and
  • Lost receipts.

How it works:

  • Download application form , complete and send back to Aquarius CarWash via fax or post. Wait for approval.
  • There is no charge for the WashCard.
  • Your Business WashCard will be posted to you within 48 hours;
  • Aquarius CarWash will open your very own WashCard Account Manager. Once inside this secure area you can program your Business WashCard, review or print your account history at any time.
  • Use the Business WashCard to start car wash equipment by inserting and removing the WashCard.

Operate car wash equipment as usual 24 hours 7 days a week.

Go online to your secure WashCard Account Manager and:

  • Program each card to:
    • A dedicated person, vehicle or department,
    • Restrict activity to day and time of use or set for unlimited use,
    • Set a maximum spend for each card per day, week or month and
    • Activate or deactivate cards;
  • You can have as many cards on your account as needed at no extra charge so why not put a card in every vehicle;
  • Track wash activity by date and time of each wash within the billing period.

30 day trading account to approved customers. An invoice is emailed to you monthly detailing:

  • The time and date of each wash;
  • The identity of the user;
  • Which wash facility was used;
  • Which wash was selected;
  • The total dollar amount used;
  • Thirty (30) day payment terms from the end of the month.

You are also entitled to 10% off any professional detail package after 3 months continuous subscription.

Plus there are some really special projects & people you will be helping through selected local charities & not-for-profit organisations that we now support. Aquarius is committed to local Community Support. We will donate 5% of your paid Business WashCard account to a variety of locally targeted projects and on-going support work.

For more information please:

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