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Pay-As-You-Go WashCards can be use on:

  • All self-serve wash bays;
  • Our touch-free automatic wash bay;
  • The vacuums situated at the rear of the site behind our self-serve wash bays; BV

Great for families with more than one car as any number of cards can be issued to the one ‘Family’ with all cards drawing on the one account balance.


What loyalty bonus can I get?

The higher value of the Pay-As-You-Go WashCard you purchase the greater the bonus we give you.
For example, you pay $75 a Pay-As-You-Go WashCard, we give you and extra $10 to bring the value of your Pay-As-You-Go WashCard to $85. That is equal to a 13% bonus.


You Pay Your Bonus Card Value % Bonus
$30 $2 $32 6%
$50 $5 $55 10%
$75 $10 $85 13%
$100 $15 $115 15%

What’s more if your cumulative purchases in any calendar year exceed $300 you are entitled to 15% off any professional detail package over $100. Pay-As-You-Go WashCard may not be combined with any other wash offers or discounts.

How it works:

  • Purchase a Pay-As-You-Go WashCard of your choice, online. There is no charge for the card.* (You can also purchase a card from an Aquarius CarWash attendant on site).
  • Your Pay-As-You-Go WashCard will be posted to you within 48 hours;
  • Insure your prepaid balance for no cost. Once you receive your card in the post, register it by clicking here.
    • Aquarius CarWash will guarantee the unused balance (as at your last authorised transaction) of your Pay-As-You-Go WashCard should your card be lost or stolen. Please note the balance of unregistered Pay-As-You-Go WashCards is not insured if the card is not registered.
    • Aquarius CarWash will open your very own WashCard Account Manager. Once inside this secure area you can check your balance, add extra value to your Pay-As-You-Go WashCard, and even review and print your account history. That is a great resource to claim back work related costs or for claiming tax deductions for work related expenses.
    • And you will receive a Free Birthday Wash offer if the card is still active at the time of your birthday.
  • Use the Pay-As-You-Go WashCard to start car wash equipment by inserting and removing the Pay-As-You-Go WashCard.
  • Operate car wash equipment as usual 24 hours 7 days a week.

Plus there are some really special projects & people you will be helping through selected local charities & not-for-profit organisations that we now support. Aquarius is committed to local Community Support. We will donate 5% of your paid Pay-As-You-Go WashCard balance to a variety of locally targeted projects and on-going support work.

Click here to purchase a Pay-As-You-Go WashCard

Click here to request more information and/or be contacted from Aquarius CarWash

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