Our Charity

Our Charity

“Aquarius CarWash is committed to supporting the Mudgee community through selected charities and not-for-profit organisations. I will achieve this by focusing on two passions close to my heart, our environment and the development of our youth” – Ed Turner




For over 120 years Barnardos has been at the forefront of child welfare service provision and has embraced a tradition of innovation and holistic approach in our quest to find real, permanent solutions for Australian children in desperate need.

Barnardos builds relationships between children, young people, their families and the community. We advocate for children and young people and contribute to community knowledge about the issues that impact on society as a whole.

By supporting the work of Barnardos you can create new dreams and outcomes to offer the adults of tomorrow a future free from neglect.




The Mudgee Police & Community Youth Club offers a number of activities and youth programs for the young people of our community.

The aim of the Mudgee PCYC is to offer a positive and safe environment that encourages and instils confidence in our young people so they can develop into productive members of our community.

The Mudgee PCYC also works closely with other youth agencies to reduce juvenile crime and antisocial behaviour within our community.


Watershed Landcare is the local, community landcare group covering the towns of Rylstone, Mudgee and Gulgong, and surrounding villages.

The objective of Watershed Landcare is to provide a catalyst to the community through education, coordination and support towards the socio-economic and physical environment of our region.

One focus of Watershed Landcare is water quality and riparian health.

Through this much appreciated support from Aquarius Carwash, we can continue to improve the health of rivers and creeks in our district through on-ground activities, such as re-vegetation and fencing to protect fragile banks, and community educational events such as field days.

Aquarius CarWash will denote;

  • 5% of all Pay-As-You-Go WashCard recharges made online
  • 5% of all Everyday WashPasses purchased
  • 5% of all purchases made by Business WashCard Holders


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