Fundraising Ideas

Looking for a great way to raise money for your school, club or charity?
Our program offers your organization an easy and effective way to raise money.

Your organisation will benefit:

  • By raising large sums of money quickly;
  • Ongoing residual income;
  • No product going out of date:
  • No money to outlay up front;
  • No baking or sewing;
  • No time-consuming merchandise deliveries;
  • No manning of stalls for hours on end;
  • No liability that comes with a stall or fete.

You’ll be offering a quality product associated with your organization and your supporters receive something of real value for their contribution.

Through this program, you host a car wash fundraiser without the actual hassles of running a car wash event.

How it works:
1. Sell the Aquarius Pay-As-You-Go WashCard to your Supporters,
2. Pay Aquarius CarWash the sales monies less commission,
3. Aquarius CarWash issues the Pay-As-You-Go WashCard to your Supporters,
4. Your Supporters use the Pay-As-You-Go WashCard at Aquarius CarWash,
5. Your Supporters recharge their Pay-As-You-Go WashCard online,
6. Aquarius CarWash gives the Supporters a recharge bonus, plus
7. Aquarius CarWash pays your Organisation 5% of recharge funds**.

The details:
• Sell the Pay-As-You-Go WashCards
o The Pay-As-You-Go WashCards are worth $55.
o Sell them to your Supporters for $50.
o Pay us $45 for every card sold.
o That’s $5 one off for each card sold.
• Collect your Supporters Details
o Your Supporter’s name.
o Their valid email address.
o Their birth date.
o That’s an extra $2.50 one off for each card sold.
• Receive ongoing residual income
o Supporters recharge their card online.
o Aquarius CarWash pays 5% spent by your Supporter.
o That means you get a cheque each month as long as your supporters recharge and use their cards.

The administration:
1. Keep a record of your Supporter details for each card ordered.
2. Email the details to Aquarius CarWash each Thursday night.
3. Deliver cheque or cash to Aquarius CarWash each Friday morning.
4. Aquarius CarWash will activate card and post to Supporters next Monday.

Additionally your contributors receive all the benefits of having a loyalty Pay-As-You-Go WashCard such as:
• Extra value added for every recharge, and
• For registering their card online they’ll receive a Free Birthday Wash, free loss protection and any special offers.

Click here to request more information and contact from Aquarius CarWash

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